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  • Easy to Use

The Paramedic CU-ER1 is designed to automatically analyze the ECG of the patient. Analysis starts as soon as the ECG pads are properly attached. The user is guided by a combination of text and voice prompts throughout the rescue operation. The ECG of the patient is displayed in a liquaid crystal display (LCD).

  • Portable

The Paramedic CU-ER1 weighs only approximately 2.7 kg. It comes with an optional Carrying Case that could contain all the necessary devices and accessories needed for a rescue operation.

  • Versatile Power Supply

The Paramedic CU-ER1 is equipped with a rechargeable Nickel-Metal Hydride battery pack as a standard component. The battery may be recharged through an AC adapter (standard accessory) or through a car cigar lighter jack power cord (optional). The battery has a capacity of 200 shocks when new and fully charged.

  • Rescue Data Storage

The data collected during a rescue operation is stored in the internal flash memory or the optional external SmartMedia Card. When the SmartMedia card is used, the option to record audio signals during a rescue operation may be turned ON (not available when recording in internal flash memory). The data can be downloaded to a personal computer using the CU-EX1 data management software for archiving, review, and printing.

  • Automated Self Tests

To ensure that the Paramedic CU-ER1 is always ready for a rescue operation, the device is programmed to run self tests automatically (the battery has to be connected and should have sufficient charge). Prompts and alarms are given off if the device fails the self tests.