Timbangan Digital Omron HBF 200

Timbangan Digital Omron HBF 200 merupakan timbangan digital generasi baru yang dapat menganalisa kadar lemak tubuh dan menampilkan usia tubuh serta beberapa informasi penting lainnya.

Timbangan Digital Omron HBF 362

Timbangan Digital Omron HBF 362 merupakan timbangan digital generasi baru yang memiliki banyak fungsi dan fitur. Timbangan ini bukan sekedar timbangan biasa, timbangan digital omron HBF 362 dapat mengitung massa lemak dan melalukan analisa lemak pada hasil timbangannya.

Defibrillator Defibtech LifeLine AED

Defibrillator Defibtech LifeLine AED adalah defibrillator yang memiliki banyak fitur dan keunggulan. Defibrillator Defibtech LifeLine AED sangat mudah digunakan dan mudah dalam perawatan.

Supplier Alat Kesehatan Untuk Rumah Sakit

Alkes-Online.Com adalah supplier atau penyalur Alat Kesehatan untuk kebutuhan Rumah sakit, Klinik atau Puskesmas serta untuk kebutuhan pribadi anda.

Paket Poliklinik Bedah

Paket Ruangan Poliklinik Bedah untuk Rumah Sakit dengan harga yang bersaing.

MONO Syphilis Device & Strip Test

MONO Syphilis (Anti-TP) Test is a rapid serological, immunochromatographic assay for the detection of antibodies to trepononema Palladium in human serum or plasma. The test is used to obtain a visual, qualitative result and is intended for health care professional use.
Applications of the test include: screen test for sex transmitted diseases (STD’s) among high-risk group of people, regular health examinations, and field screen test for blood bank.

MONO Anti-HIV 1/2 Device & Strip Test

MONO Anti-HIV (1&2) test is a colloidal gold enhanced, rapid immunochromatographic assay for the qualitative detection of antibodies to Human Immunodefficiency Virus (HIV) in human serum or plasma. The Rapid HIV Test is a simple, visual qualitative test that detects antiboodies in human serum or plasma can give result within minutes. The test is intended for healthcare professional use only.

Rapid Test Mono hCG Pregnancy Device & Strip

Mono hCG pregnancy test is a rapid qualitative immunochromatography assay for the detection of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine that indicates early pregnancy. The use of specific antibody reagents ensures a highly sensitive and specific test.

The test has a sensitivity of 25 mlU/ml hCG for urine, which is sufficient to detect pregnancy ther first day ot the missed period. The test is specific for hCG and does not cross react with related glycoprotein hormones (hFSH, hLH and hTSH) at the physiological levels.

Rapid Test Mono HBsAg, HBsAb Device & Strip Test HBeAg Strip Test

Mono HBsAg Test is a rapid, one step, immunochromatography assay for the qualitative determination of Hepatitis B surface Antigen (HBsAg), Hepatitis B Virus Surface Antibody and HBeAg in human serum or plasma. The presen in 15 minutes.

Rapid Test Mono H.Pylori Device Test

Helicobacter Pylori (H.Pylory) is a small shaped bacterium that lives in the surface of the stomach and duodenum. It is implicated in the etiology of variaty of gastrointestinal diseases,including duodenal and gastric ulcer,non ulcer dyspepsia and active and chronic gastritis.

Mono H.Pylori Devise is a rapid immunochromatographic assay for qualitative detection of antibodies to Helicobater pylori in human serum or plasma to aid the diagnosis of H.pylori infection.